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Arusha Volunteer Accommodation  | Volunteer in Tanzania

Arusha Volunteer Accommodation | Volunteer in Tanzania

Arusha Volunteer Accomodation | Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania | Volunteer in Arusha Tanzania |  Volunteer in Moshi Tanzania |  Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam | Volunteer in Mbeya | Top Volunteer Programs in Tanzania 

Arusha Volunteer Accommodation

Tucked away in Njiro is the “VHSO Volunteer Home”, Volunteer in Arusha’s Home, your home in Arusha. Approximately 10 minutes from the city center is “VHSO Volunteer Home” ideally located. Within less than 5 kilometers from the city center of Arusha and at the same time far enough to afford a quiet environment with plenty of vegetation and trees. Set within the green belt of Arusha you can be sure there will always be a gentle breeze upon your face with fabulous views of Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro.

The Accomodation facility:

  • #1. Self contained rooms.
  • #2. 1 main kitchen
  • #3. Living room
  • #4. Dining Room
  • #5. This is all surrounded by a lush garden
  • #6. The volunteer community Centre


Our Arusha Volunteer Accomodation is located in Njiro, nice safe and respected area, one of the neighborhoods in Arusha and its located near Popula Shopping Malls and Cinema i.e Village Suppermaket and Boogaloo complex Shops. It is a quiet and beautiful area compared with the crowded city center of Arusha Town, which is only 15 minutes by public transport distance from our Arusha Volunteer Accomodation.

In the same street where the volunteer lodge is located are some local shops conveniently located for your daily groceries. You can buy anything from toilet paper, credits for your mobile phone, rice, sugar, bread, water, vegetables, soap, cooking oil to household tools.

Just across the street from the volunteer lodge you’ll find the dala dala, a minibus used to taxi passengers up and down the road. A dala dala sits about 10- 20 pax and it’s a safe and cheap way of travelling from A to B.


In case you fall sick, there are plenty of hospitals in Arusha where you will receive the best treatment possible. One of the supervisors will accompany you and make sure you are in safe hands.

Volunteer in Tanzania with VHSO:

If you’ve always dreamt of volunteering in Africa, why not start in Tanzania? Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, endless national parks, and amazing wildlife. Volunteer in Tanzania and take this chance to discover its national treasures. Help Tanzania by dedicating some of your time to volunteering at one of the programs. Volunteer and travel to Tanzania and change someone else’s life too.

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