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Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania |  Low Cost $150/week

Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania | Low Cost $150/week

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Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania

When volunteering in Tanzania it is critical that you choose a volunteer organisation or charity with a proven ethos and philosophy around sustainable and responsible practices. Volunteering Journeys is a social enterprise and we like to be transparent. Our program fee logic is to provide responsible and quality volunteer programs to you. 

We are committed to give support, ensuring the wellbeing and guidance for volunteers, as well as giving on-going support to communities in need. Understandably these operations cost money to develop and run especially when we do not recruit enough volunteers, and this is where the volunteers fees come in.

Paying to “volunteer” seems like a strange concept, and asking why is a common question. When researching volunteer opportunities, you’ll find that the vast majority of organised volunteer programmes expect some level of fees to be paid.

If you see volunteering as a way of learning new skills, then you shouldn’t resent paying some of the costs.

This has been a Common Questions to us; “Why can’t we cover the living costs of volunteers?” 

Given that our NGO relied entirely upon donations from volunteers or other members of the general public to pay the costs of everything, from Helping, Administration and much more; covering volunteers’ living expenses could literally mean  decision to reduce some budget for our Operations. 

If you see volunteering as a way of learning new skills, then you shouldn’t resent paying some of the costs. Volunteering is a wonderful way to acquire new skills that will be undoubtedly relevant to your career prospects in the future – and it’s an incredible way of getting a raw and real insight into a country.

Top Volunteer Programs in Tanzania

Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania
Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

There are a wealth of ‘voluntourism’ agencies who expect volunteers to cough up large quantities of money to go and volunteer – and few are particularly honest about where exactly that cash goes, and into whose pockets.

Where does the Volunteer fee that we charge go?

Why pay to volunteer? Some people are surprised to learn that volunteering in Tanzania isn’t free. Your fees cover the costs of you being at project and enables the organisation you are working for to achieve its goals and continue their good work after you are gone. Your fee also helps us evaluate projects, find new organisations to support, and promote the project to new volunteers.

We are an independent organisation that does not rely on fundraising or government funding to achieve social goals. We get all our funding from the fees paid by our volunteers and interns. These fees are not a once-off donation to your chosen project. These fees go towards the costs of your trip, long-term support for the project you work on, and the international organisation and infrastructure needed to make sure our projects and social goals around the world are sustainable and successful.

How are my Contribution and Donation used?

Even if you do have a financial report in front of you, it can still be a challenge to find the specific breakdown of how your contribution gets allocated. We do helpfully highlight exactly where volunteer contributions go — , since transparency is important when it comes to NGOs and volunteer placement providers.

You can also request this information from your Volunteer coordinator assigned to you after your confirmation if you need specific information, apart from the papers — He/she will give you all information, facts that will help you understand exactly what is happening in the organization.

Different programs have different titles and descriptions for certain types of expenses, but they all fall under a few broad categories. 

Your Contributions and Donations go to:

  • #1. Project running costs
  • #2. Administrative costs
  • #3. Volunteer costs
  • #4. Staff costs
  • #5. Promotion of program


“No matter the project, all your fees go towards one goal: Positive change all over the world”

 Your fees make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania, long after you go home. It directly funds the project you volunteer on, and has a ripple effect in the local community, the country you volunteer in, and other areas.Without you and the thousands of volunteers that have come before you, none of this would be possible.

Volunteer in Tanzania with VHSO:

If you’ve always dreamt of volunteering in Africa, why not start in Tanzania? Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, endless national parks, and amazing wildlife. Volunteer in Tanzania and take this chance to discover its national treasures. Help Tanzania by dedicating some of your time to volunteering at one of the programs. Volunteer and travel to Tanzania and change someone else’s life too.

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