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Our Volunteer Guidelines  | Volunteer in Tanzania

Our Volunteer Guidelines | Volunteer in Tanzania

Our Volunteer Guidelines | Volunter in Tanzania | Volunteer in Arusha | Volunteer in Mwanza | Volunteer in Mbeya | Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam | Volunteer in Dodoma | Volunteer in Tanga 

Our Volunteer Guidilines

It’s important to us that volunteers have a mutually supportive experience with Villages Health Suppor Organization. Here you can read about what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us.

Our volunteers are at the heart of VHSO

We couldn’t provide our expert care without the time, skills and dedication that volunteers bring.

From supporting the delivery of care services to serving customers in our shops, our volunteers are advocates for our work.

Community Engagement

We are proud of our diverse workforce and actively encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to apply. Villages Health Support Organization – Volunteering is very much engaged with promoting community engagement and cohesion through our ready-made communities across retail, healthcare and beyond promoting participation and well-being for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly being used as a way for companies and businesses to give back to the communities they serve. This is often done through allowing staff to volunteer for a certain number of hours per month, supporting one off events or helping with fundraising. There are lots of great volunteering opportunities across Sue Ryder for you and your organisation to get involved with, so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

Volunteer in Dar - Tanzania

What you can expect from us

What you can expect from volunteering with Sue Ryder

We will:

  • #1. Provide appropriate training and support to assist you with your roles and your understanding of the aims of VHSO.
  • #2. train our staff to work alongside and support volunteers.
  • #3. Match your skills and experience with the needs of our Organization..
  • #4. Ask for your views whenever we can so you can let us know if you have any ideas for improvement or change.
  • #4. Respect you, listen to you and encourage an open dialogue.
  • #5. Resolve any complaints promptly and fairly in line with agreed procedures.
  • #6. Offer regular reviews to ensure your volunteering is rewarding and mutually beneficial.
  • #7. Have adequate insurance to cover you as you undertake authorised work for the charity.
  • #8. Ensure your health and safety while undertaking volunteer activities.
  • #9. Take steps to ensure the security of all staff, volunteers and assets 
  • #10. Celebrate your successes and recognise loyalty and dedication.
  • #11. With prior arrangement, reimburse reasonable travel expenses for volunteers staying for a shifts of four hours or longer.
  • #12. Store all data in accordance with the Data Protection Act Regulations 2018.
  • #13. Operate within the spirit of Equal Opportunities legislation, our values and behaviours.
Volunteer in Tanzania Information

Our expectations of you as a volunteer

 We expect you to:

  • #1. Support the work of your fellow volunteers and staff. This includes carrying out requested tasks and attending training.
  • #2. Support our values and behaviours and show respect for your colleagues.
  • #3. Respect the confidentiality of people in our care and those you volunteer alongside.
  • #4. Work within the law, insurance requirements, the Charity’s health and safety policies and the parameters of your role.
  • #5. Take responsibility for your own health and safety and be aware of how your actions could impact those who work with you.
  • #6. Maintain and uphold the good name and reputation of the Organization.
  • #7. Serve as a representative of VHSO only with the written consent of your line manager.
  • #8. Bring to the attention of your Manager or Volunteer Co-ordinator any complaints or concerns you might have.
  • #9. Understand that the ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the Charity lie with the Trustees who are the governing body.
  • #10. Return all property belonging to the Charity should you cease to be a volunteer.   
Questions, concerns and complaints
We welcome any feedback and encourage you to raise concerns or complaints with your volunteering line manager. If concerns cannot be resolved at this level, the regional or departmental manager can investigate.
If you feel unsatisfied with the outcome of previous stages, you can appeal to VHSO Head of Volunteer Development and Engagement.We aim to acknowledge concerns within two working days and respond more comprehensively within 10 working days.

Volunteer in Tanzania with VHSO:

If you’ve always dreamt of volunteering in Africa, why not start in Tanzania? Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, endless national parks, and amazing wildlife. Volunteer in Tanzania and take this chance to discover its national treasures. Help Tanzania by dedicating some of your time to volunteering at one of the programs. Volunteer and travel to Tanzania and change someone else’s life too.

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