Can you volunteer in the ER?


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I’m going to start volunteering in the ER next week. Can you guys tell me what it was like for you? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?I’m not sure how much i’ll get to see, because the hospital i’m going to doesn’t look like it has that much of an active ER, and the things you can do for someone are very limited but I guess I’ll see !


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  1. Your experience will greatly vary depending on the hospital’s ER department and your volunteer program. For me, it was a fun experience because I got to see a huge variety of cases during every shift and talk to physicians from different subspecialties that were paged in for consults.
    As a volunteer, you’ll likely have your fair share of volunteer duties (ex. cleaning patient beds, getting food for patients, wheeling patients to the lobby, and other administrative tasks), but the experience might be what you make of it.
    When volunteer duties were completed, some of the ER staff let me shadow the ER physicians. I saw a wide spectrum of cases from broken bones to dislocated shoulders to strokes and pediatric cases.

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