Staying Safe in Aaustralia


Fortunately Australia is free of many diseases that exist in so many countries and is considered a developed country.

Australia is so famous for it’s beautiful and endless coastlines but you need to be aware of beaches hazards including strong currents (rip tides), jelly fish, crocodiles and sharks. It is important to heed the signs and only swim in areas that have been designated safe and patrolled by life guards.

Snakes and spiders are a potential risk in remote and sometimes tropical areas. The best way to stay safe here is to wear sensible footwear and long trousers when walking in long grass. Most tour operators that will take you to remote areas of the country will make you aware of areas where salt water crocodiles inhabit. This is mainly in the more northern reaches of the country but be aware of creeks and rivers further south. Bull sharks are also a potential threat so heed the signs!

Bush fires are common but quite often controlled and managed. If you find yourself in a situation with a fire then head into the wind, even if you have to jump over the fire. Often farmers will burn off their land to make way for new crops so be mindful of burning seasons so you don’t panic unnecessarily. Always alert the emergency services however if you see a fire that you think is out of control or unlikely to have been started purposefully.

Cyclones are a risk in storm/wet season during the summer months. Sometimes they can come further south into the more populated regions of the country so make sure you check the news and weather channels during this time. Your travel plans could be disrupted due to the weather patterns. The advice is to stay indoors and beware of falling trees and weak building structures. Stay clear of creeks and dams in low lying areas due to flash flooding and do not drive in cyclones, storms or rising water.

Australia has excellent medical facilities in every town and if you are very remote, the flying doctors service are very efficient and more than experienced in getting people from these regions to hospital in record time. If you are from the UK and are on a working holiday visa then you are entitled to the Australian medicare system which is similar to the UK NHS. You will be able to receive free emergency treatment and a discount on prescription medicine.

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