Tips and Tricks for planning Volunteering in Tanzania


Tips and Tricks for planning Volunteering in Tanzania

  • #1. Book first 2 weeks of volunteering. Talk with people online (Facebook, Skype), research different NGOs and find the one that you like for the start.


  • #2. When you’re in Africa, talk with people in person, ask many questions, visit different NGOs and find the next place to go.


  • #3. Prepare cash in advance. You don’t need a lot of money for 2 months (I’ll update my costs as the time pass)


  • #4. Bring long-sleeved clothes. Sometimes you can wear a T-shirt, but you won’t need shorts. During the night it can be cold, so I suggest bringing a jacket.


  • #5. Bring the clothes that you’ll not regret if it gets dirty. I suggest brown, black, navy.


  • #6. Buy in advance: cosmetics (here is expensive and limited with options), some sweets or anything that you really love (I bought a chocolate for 3$ and the sweets are the most expensive food).


  • #7. Buy medicines in advance. I had a problem in finding in the pharmacy the medicines that I needed.
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