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What better place to volunteer than in the land of buena onda (good vibes)? Chile, a country that values hospitality above all else, is a place for volunteers who want to slow down and build relationships while learning to enjoy the journey.

Volunteering in Chile is the perfect option for volunteers wanting to gain experience teaching English, as it is taught in every primary and secondary school throughout the country. Volunteers work with youth and community development, the indigenous Mapuche people, or environmental conservation is also offered. Not to mention the activities and sights that accompany volunteering in Chile, because of the nation’s diverse and pristine landscape!

Volunteer in Chile and dive right into a country full of contrasts. Starting with the 5,000 km of Pacific coastline, over to the Atacama desert and the snow-capped Andes in the south – it will blow you away. If you want to have a positive impact on the country you are travelling and give back to the local community, look no further. Chile will be your favourite South American place for your next volunteer work abroad!


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