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Cuba is a country with an indescribable, vivacious atmosphere. If you volunteer in Cuba, you will experience an energy that flows through you from the moment you step off the plane and into an old school taxi. Cuba’s architecture tells the story of a complicated history. Buildings have columns and semi-enclosed porches, some are painted in bright, whimsical colors, and some are slowly crumbling, if only to reveal a beautiful, warm, and resilient culture. Although it can be tough to find volunteer opportunities in Cuba, it is well worth it to experience what Cuba has to offer!


Wherever you choose to volunteer in Cuba, you will find lively music, Cuban cigars, and salsa dancing. Havana is the country’s capital, and it is where many visitors will find themselves at some point during their trip. Another common destination is Trinidad, a much smaller city which is known for its picturesque buildings and quiet charm. Either city offers a variety of volunteer projects in Cuba.

Havana. In Havana, you will be overwhelmed by the colors and spice of the city. There are various opportunities to volunteer within the community. After your volunteer shift, go to one of the city’s many museums and learn about the city’s history, and then salsa dance the night away—people in Cuba love to dance like nobody’s watching! Bright buildings and tiny alleyways ooze charm and history in Havana. If you want to learn as much as you can about the country’s history while volunteering abroad in Cuba, then Havana is the place for you. There is always something exciting around every corner, even the antique cars puttering down the street tell a story. If a local asks you to go for a tour, jump in and take a ride—you won’t be disappointed! Havana is the perfect hub for balancing your extracurriculars with your volunteer opportunities in Cuba.

Trinidad. Trinidad is home to a lot of Cuba’s most well preserved architecture. It is much smaller than Havana, but it is known for being extra bright and colourful. Trinidad is a UNESCO heritage site, so many of the buildings are better maintained. If you’re looking for a quieter city to volunteer in, then Trinidad is the perfect place for you to volunteer in Cuba. Tourists come and go through Trinidad, but it still maintains a quiet and charming demeanor. It is perfect for volunteers in Cuba who want a more laid-back city experience!

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