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If you have a heart for travel and a passion for volunteering, why not give back to the country where the first chocolate bar was invented? Not only is Guatemala home this key ingredient of any delicious dessert, it is also home to many unique ecosystems, making it Central America’s biodiversity hotspot. Volunteering in Guatemala will give you the chance to enjoy and help preserve the nation’s fragile environmental resources. When you’re finished saving the planet, you could stop by the Chichicastenango (say that five times fast!) or spend your evening browsing through Guatemala’s most vibrant shopping center filled with handmade goods. Vamonos


Despite being the most populated country in Central America, Guatemala is still a developing country with a long road ahead, so they need all the helping hands they can get to reach their goals; the less time they spend on developing their infrastructure, the more time they’ll have for chocolate creation! Antigua and Guatemala City are two of the most popular destinations to volunteer in Guatemala, and both locations are in need of individuals to assist in environmental, health, and education placements.

Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanoes in Southern Guatemala, known for its Spanish baroque-style architecture and mass amounts of colonial church ruins. It is the perfect place for a set of curious eyes to wander and explore. Although Antigua is a growing tourist attraction, due to its close proximity to Guatemala City, it is deemed much safer and calmer than the latter. Out of all the cities in Guatemala, Antigua has the largest amount of volunteer opportunities, from teaching children how to speak English to putting those geometry skills into use and teaching kids how to complete tricky geometrical proofs; who knew high school math would be handy afterall? 

Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala, is known as the country’s political, cultural, and commercial hub. Even though the buildings and architecture still have a traditional colonial style, modern buildings with a more fresh, sleek style, are starting to emerge within Guatemala City’s skyline. Guatemala city is Guatemala’s most popular tourist destination, with many foreigners coming to visit the traditional and well-preserved Mayan culture and artifacts in museos located throughout the city. Those who are interested in the more historical side of the city will have the opportunity to volunteer with children and spend time learning the depths of Mayan culture and history as part of their volunteering in Guatemala.

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