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Uruguay, once a hidden gem on the southeastern coast of South America, has become more popular for tourists and expats looking to experience life abroad. Being one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the Southern hemisphere, it has been deemed the “Switzerland” of South America. From sweeping white sand beaches to quaint colonial towns, Uruguay has much to offer.

There are wide stretches of natural beauty, virtually untouched by the outside world. The Country’s capital city, Montevideo, holds roughly 43% of the population and boasts a rich cultural history, the rest of the population resides in about 30 towns or various sizes. Check out the coastal regions for secluded surf havens and explore the interior river valleys for picturesque cobblestone streets and local cuisines few Westerners have been lucky enough to experience.

South America’s second smallest nation, Uruguay perennially ranks first among all Latin American countries in areas such as quality of living, peace, democracy, and lack of corruption. It was even named the Economist’s Country of the Year in 2013 for its tremendous degree of safety and socially progressive measures. Even with all these impressive accolades, however, nearly 20 percent of Uruguay’s population remains in poverty. Volunteering in Uruguay is perfect for individuals who are seeking a fun and rewarding experience in one of South America’s greatest and most often overlooked nations. Look no further than lending a helping hand as a volunteer in Uruguay.

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