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Along with many other Latin American countries, Venezuela has had a long history of political uncertainty. Being one of the first South American colonies to declare independence in the 19th century, Venezuela has since endured more than two centuries of constant changes and uprisings, yet it is still full of high levels of corruption and inflation. Venezuela still remains a truly beautiful country with its colourful, vibrant and festive culture. Voluntary work in Venezuela gives individuals opportunities for the most eye opening experience. Throwing you into the real Latin American culture and giving you the chance to make a real difference in others’ lives.

Volunteer in Venezuela and be awestruck by the diversity of its landscapes. From tabletop mountains to desserts surrounded by jungles, coral reefs and neverending waterfalls. Venezuela has it all. Unfortunately, it is also facing its worst economic crisis in history. Hyperinflation, hunger, disease and rising crime and death rates are driving people to leave the country.

Volunteers who really want to make an impact will definitely find opportunities to do so in Venezuela. Remember though that your safety is paramount that you ensure your safety when travelling here. Programs in educational support are waiting for dedicated volunteers to give young ones a more promising future.


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