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There are many reasons why Brazil is such a popular destination for people who want to volunteer abroad. As a developing country with its history of colonization, Brazil still face many challenges, including poverty, illiteracy, and deforestation (to name a few). By providing assistance and participate in community initiatives, volunteers can have a very positive impact, and really improve the lives of the local populations.

Brazil is the size of a continent and covers almost half of South America. While volunteering in Brazil, you’ll also get in touch with great cultural diversity and discover a huge variety of landscapes. The friendly and open-hearted leave a profound impression on everybody who chose to volunteer in Brazil.

With a tropical climate and vibrant colors. Brazil features a large variety of fauna and flora.

Brazil’s attractions range from the impenetrable jungle to a variety of different mountain ranges. In the interior, large swamplands and a network of several large rivers stretch out until they arrive at the Atlantic coast with its 8.000 kilometers of continuous beautiful beaches.

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