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  1. Similar to unpaid volunteer programs, paid volunteer jobs are more common in regions of the world with emerging economies and a demand on financial and physical aid to boost community development efforts. Traditionally popular tourist destinations like Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand are more likely to offer short job stints instead of longer term volunteer opportunities.
    When it comes to the type of organization that facilitates paid volunteer jobs, you can almost certainly bet your bottom dollar that government- or large NGO-sponsored programs will have the means to offer reimbursement of some kind. These types of organizations have many more financial resources to pull from and often run long established programs, such as the Peace Corps or United Nations Volunteer.. Seeking out volunteer opportunities with similarly prominent foundations will save you a ton of time and guess work. You can stop asking “do you get paid for volunteer work” and start asking the important questions, like “what kind of work will I do?”.
    Many smaller businesses offering volunteer programs abroad simply don’t have the same funds to grant participants the same assistance. This is usually where the fees paid by the volunteers themselves make the program possible!

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