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Special need Volunteer in Tanzania

Special need Volunteer in Tanzania

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Special need Volunteer in Tanzania:

A program run by NGO’s in Arusha provide special needs children and youth access to education and therapy at various day-care centers in Arusha, Tanzania. Activities and services at these facilities are adapted to individual needs. The organization also provides home-based support to those unable to attend the day-care centers.

As a volunteer, you will support the children’s learning through developing and conducting activities. If you have professional qualifications in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, you will integrate the kids into everyday tasks such as washing clothes and cleaning the facility. In turn, you will help build up and further individual abilities as well as promote their self-esteem.

You may also be assigned to a project that runs a kindergarten or preschool as well as a primary school for children with and without special needs. The center follows an integrative educational concept and provides ergo-therapeutic services and parental training. As an outreach program, it aims to educate the community about people with disabilities in order to lessen prejudices.

In this project, internships in special education and ergotherapy can be completed under the guidance of local specialists.

Top Volunteer Programs in Tanzania

What project should you do when you volunteer in Tanzania?! ☆ Does your head feel sick of working at your current workplace, is your heart dreaming of going abroad, and is your belly filled with excitement when you think of experiencing a new culture first-hand? You cannot get closer to the local people of a country than by volunteering in a charitable project. In the following, we want to introduce you to the SIX most interesting projects in Tanzania.

Low Cost Volunteer in Tanzania
Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania


Program Highlights

  1. #1. Help improve the quality of life of children and adolescents, as well as their families, with mental and physical disabilities.
  2. #2. Provide educational opportunities and various therapy services, depending on your skills and qualifications.
  3. #3. Gain an insight into the everyday life of children and youth with disabilities.
  4. #4. Share your knowledge and skills to the local staff in day-care centers and in an outreach program.
  5. #5. Develop professionally and personally while working with children and teens with special needs.

Volunteer in Tanzania with VHSO:

If you’ve always dreamt of volunteering in Africa, why not start in Tanzania? Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, endless national parks, and amazing wildlife. Volunteer in Tanzania and take this chance to discover its national treasures. Help Tanzania by dedicating some of your time to volunteering at one of the programs. Volunteer and travel to Tanzania and change someone else’s life too.

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